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Beginning November 2023, Apex Gakuin is a virtual language school that offers online lessons through Zoom.

Learning is Improving!

Apex Gakuin is a young, dynamic learning center for people of all ages. We provide a friendly, well-organized environment where committed teachers accurately assess and address each student's learning needs in a wide range of subjects. We are also proud to provide excellent teacher-to-student ratios to allow for greater attention given to each student.

<アニスアトランタ 2023年11月号広告>

ESL Classes ---"We help you communicate in English quickly!"
 : Our comprehensive ESL program focuses on communicative skills in English.
  • Regular Classes from Beginning to Advanced. 
  • Special Classes to improve practical English.
  • Business English focused on everyday business skills.
After-School Programs --"Growing potential" 
 : Our main programs for school-age students for grade improvement and college preparation.
  • Tutoring: ESL, school subjects, and test prep for all grades 
  • After-school program: Homework help and English improvement
  • College Preparation classes: TOEFL, SAT, and High School Writing class
Foreign Language Classes --"Language is Power!" 
We currently offer Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish classes for professionals and students.
All classes are small group or private lessons.
Please contact us for class details and schedules.
Art Classes --"Life is Creation!" 
We offer Pottery and Calligraphy classes for adults and school students
  • Pottery (陶芸)
  • Calligraphy (書道)
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