Life is Creation!

Apex Gakuin Art Studio currently offers Watercolor, Pottery, and Calligraphy classes for adults and school students who love art. Please come unlock your creativity and put some joy into your life!


Watercolor (水彩画) class

In this class, you will study all aspects of painting: from colors to values, composition to techniques, and still life to landscapes. And regardless of your present skill level in painting or using watercolors, you’ll be encouraged to grow in your abilities!

  • Class meets once a week on Wednesdays
  • 12-2PM for adults 
  •  4-6pm for elementary/middle/high school students

Pottery (陶芸) class

Introduction to handbuilding before learning the wheel. Students will learn how to work with clay by hand using simple tools. We will focus on forming clay using the pinching, coiling, and slab method, and of course surface decoration.


  • Class meets once a week on Fridays/Saturdays
  • Friday 3-5PM 
  • Saturday 1-3PM

Calligraphy (書道) class

In this class, students will learn some of the basics of Japanese calligraphy, such as stroke order, stroke features, starting and stopping strokes with a calligraphy brush, and key points to consider when writing common, fundamental Japanese characters. Repetition and practice are necessary for learning and improving Japanese calligraphy skills, and students will practice their writing and receive feedback on it in class.

  • Class meets once a week on Fridays
  • 12-2PM for adults 
  •  4-6pm for elementary/middle/high school students