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ESL Program

Our English Program focuses on a communicative course in English, based on the idea that communication is not merely an end-product of language study, but rather the very process through which a new language is acquired.

Our program is a comprehensive program focusing on speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing, from the Beginner to the Advanced levels. Classes are offered during the morning and early afternoon on Wednesdays and Fridays. Students are taught by carefully selected and highly qualified teachers. Students can take classes either twice a week or once a week.

Upon completion of the program, students will be proficient and can expect to be able to enter institutions of higher learning and/or function well in an English speaking environment.

After-school Program / Tutoring


駐在員子女が現地校に早く慣れるように、 現地校の宿題はもちろん 各学科目のレビュー及び英語の学習をサポートいたします。 
言葉の壁を越え子供たちがのびのびとアメリカでの学校生活をエンジョイできるように、日・ 英バイリンガルのスタッフや現地校の米人教員たちがやさしく指導 いたします。 最初は英語に自信のない生徒さんでも安心して学べます。

Whether your child is struggling in one or more subjects in school, or whether the goal is to move to the top of the class, private tutoring can give students the extra help they need to succeed. At Apex Gakuin we provide one-on-one after-school tutoring in virtually every subject. Our caring instructors pull from years of experience and expertise to provide the highest quality individualized instruction to every student.

Business English

In this class, you will study American Business English. Classes are small group or one on one lessons, so you will receive maximum attention from the teacher. This class is best for intermediate to advanced English learners; a level check is available if you would like to confirm your level. Skills learned in this class are those needed in the workplace, home, and everyday life. In addition to improving your vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, grammar, and writing, you will learn about important business issues and historical events.

College Preparation Classes

​Every student with aspirations of college knows the significance of scoring well on college entrance exams. Here at Apex Gakuin, we provide superior test preparation courses from experienced, caring teachers. 
We work to understand the individual needs of each student and teach to his or her specific needs.Through our comprehensive test preparation courses, students can rest assured that they are well-informed and thoroughly prepared to succeed.
SAT Course
This is a great course for test taking preparation in all the areas covered on the SAT. This course covers Reading Comprehension work, Writing exercises, and a Math section. Every section is presented so that students never feel frustrated as they learn the essentials of the SAT. Students will learn how to handle the different types of questions tested on the SAT, from sentence completion to essay writing. There are plenty of practice exercises, essays, and mini-tests, as well as full length tests to get students accustomed to what the SAT is really like. Students will learn how to break down their essay writing so that they can strengthen their overall writing skills. Vocabulary and grammar are the focus to help students enhance their Reading Comprehension scores. Self-study is available for extra practice with the workbook used in class each week.
High School Writing class
In this course, you will learn how to write clear and understandable essays that will earn good grades in high school or university. The course will cover outlining and what should be included in the introduction, body, and conclusion of academic papers. You will learn to write essays in several different modes, e.g., narrative, compare and contrast, cause and effect, classification, description, process, and argumentation, to ready you for a variety of situations. Beyond essay organization, writing and editing skills will be covered: sentence variety, unity, coherence, parallelism, punctuation, and others. Come prepared to find out that writing can be enjoyable when you know how to do it right. 
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iBT TOEFL Courses

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1. Introductory Course

This is a "first steps" course in TOEFL test taking preparation that will get you up to speed in no time. This course contains the same skills and sections as the Preparation course, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, but it is presented at the level that suits beginners, so you will get all the value without the frustration. You will learn how to handle the different question types that are used on the TOEFL test, and you will get plenty of practice building from exercises up to mini-tests. You will learn the kinds of questions to expect on the Reading and Listening sections, and you will understand how to structure your essays on the Writing section for a maximum score. The Speaking section includes careful instruction on how to answer all six of the questions included, so come prepared to learn the secrets of successful Speaking section responses. A CD for self-study is also included to give you extra practice if you need it.

Your answers, writing, and speaking will be carefully checked by a native speaker of English who has a Master's Degree in English teaching and over 15 years of experience in teaching students how to pass the TOEFL test.
After you complete the Introductory course, you will be ready to take the Preparation course.


2. Test Preparation Course

If you have to take the TOEFL test, this class will help you to get the score you need.  As the class is geared to the iBT test, you will study all four parts: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The Reading and Listening sections will introduce you to all the question types that you will find on the test and teach you how to handle them. The Writing section will give you the secrets of what kinds of questions to expect and how to structure your answers to them for the highest possible score. The Speaking section will teach you how to give your speeches in the correct format for success. And for all sections, you will learn new vocabulary and take mini-tests, plus a full-length TOEFL test. For extra practice and self-study, a home-use CD is also provided.

3. Test Practice Course

If you believe that "practice makes perfect," this course is perfect for you.  You will take a TOEFL test every week, not on paper but seated at the computer in a real TOEFL testing atmosphere. After you are finished taking the test, you will not only get a score but also explanations for all the questions you missed.  An experienced native speaker will rate your performance on the Speaking section (6 speeches) and Writing section (2 essays) and give you feedback and tips to improve your score. 
This course is ideal for people who have taken TOEFL courses and need the extra experience of taking the test.

Foreign Language Classes

Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish classes for professionals and students.
Our dedicated, native speaker instructors will enrich your learning through personalized, quality instruction!
We provide group lessons and private lessons tailored to individual needs. 
Please contact us for class details and schedules.
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